Tasmanian LGBTI community advocates have welcomed the state Labor Party’s adoption of a suite of LGBTI state election policies at today’s Labor Party State Conference in Georgtown.

The Conference agreed to proposals from Rainbow Labor to

– oppose amendments watering down the Anti-Discrimination Act
– reform births, deaths and marriages legislation to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex Tasmanians
– ensure support for LGBTI school students, and
– establish a ministerial portfolio for LGBTI equality

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“Labor’s new policies recognise and build on Tasmania’s transformation in to a more inclusive and open society.”

“I hope other parties can match or exceed Labor’s policy commitments in the lead up to the state election.”

Mr Croome said a ministerial portfolio of LGBTI equality is long over due.

“Other social groups in Tasmania, including multi-cultural groups, women and are people with disabilities, are represented at the top levels of government and it’s time the LGBTI community had a similar level of representation.”

Tasmania was one of the first states to establish liaison groups between the LGBTI community and government agencies, including health, education and police.

Mr Croome said a ministerial portfolio will help co-ordinate the work of these agency groups.

A state election is due sometime between now and May next year.
Rodney Croome, justequal