 Treasurer fails to deliver fiscal surplus or cash surplus
 Operating surplus relies on $160 million raid of TT-Line

If it wasn’t for his unscrupulous raid on the TT-Line, Peter Gutwein’s surplus would be sunk.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said despite a big increase in revenue, the Treasurer’s surplus promise hasn’t lived up to the hype.

“There’s no fiscal surplus, no cash surplus, and his operating surplus is reliant on a dishonest cash grab from TT-Line,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Treasurer likes to pat himself on the back, but the bottom line he’s delivered is not as impressive as he pretends it is.

“It’s clear the Treasurer was desperate to manufacture a wafer thin surplus, just so he could say he delivered one.

“Tasmanians are smart enough to see when they’re being conned.

“While the Treasurer brags about balancing the books, Tasmanians are still feeling the effects of huge cuts in the Liberals’ first budget.

“And if it wasn’t for his $160 million cash grab from TT-Line and significant increases in revenue, Peter Gutwein would be firmly in the red.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer