The Equality Campaign today welcomed the support of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) who have publicly backed marriage equality and called on the Federal Government to deliver this reform.

“The AMA’s support for marriage equality highlights the important health and well being benefits of treating all citizens equally and fairly,” Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich said.

“Doctors know from first hand experience the tragic consequences in medical emergencies that come from the lack of equal legal recognition of same-sex partners.

“We hope their support sends a strong message to our parliamentarians that delivering his reform can only be good for Australia, and continued delay is cruel and unnecessary.

“It is great that the AMA has joined other leading national health organisations including Beyond Blue, Headspace and the Australian Media Students Association in supporting this straightforward reform,” Mr Greenwich said.

Co-Chair of Australians for Equality (A4E) and Director of Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, Anna Brown said

“Unfortunately it’s all too common for service providers such as hospitals to ignore or misunderstand the law and deny same-sex partners recognition as next of kin or beneficiaries.

“It is often at the worst of times that same-sex couples face problems being recognised as next of kin. In times of tragedy when families are dealing with sudden illness or injury, same-sex partners shouldn’t face the indignity or embarrassment of ‘proving’ their relationship to officials.

“Marriage equality will ensure same-sex couples have the comfort and security of knowing their relationship is recognised in the eyes of the law, and removes any need to satisfy the evidentiary requirements of a de facto relationship.

“Same-sex or gender diverse couples in de facto relationships, married overseas or registered with state based schemes face varying degrees of recognition and protection depending on what where they live or travel to. Reforming the Marriage Act would ensure the certainty of legal recognition would be available to all couples on an equal basis everywhere across the country.

“LGBTI Australians should have the same opportunities for love, commitment and happiness as everyone else,” Anna Brown added.

“We cannot stress enough that this reform is simply about extending the right of civil marriage to all Australians,” Anna Brown concluded.
Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich