The TCT Director Peter McGlone has just finished reviewing the State Budget for 2017-18 and provides initial comments on key areas for the reserve management, environment and biosecurity.

Reserve management
The TCT Director Peter McGlone said that the “The government’s ongoing funding of the Tourism Infrastructure In Parks Program, new funds to improve management of Darlington Convict World Heritage Site and additional funding for the Cradle Mountain Visitor Experience are positive initiatives.”

“However, this budget continues this government’s focus on visitor infrastructure and iconic parks rather than increasing he Parks and Wildlife Service’s staffing levels to improve management of all reserves for their natural and cultural values as well as for tourism.”

“Perhaps the most positive announcement regarding reserve management is funding for improving fire management in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage that is so urgent given last years devastating fires.”

Threatened species
“The state government have belatedly responded to the crisis that hit the Orange Bellied Parrot breeding program by promising $3.2 million including $2.5 for a new captive breeding facility.”

“While it is vital that we save the Orange Bellied Parrot, and this funding is welcome, there is no new funding for any of the other 700 threatened animals and plants in the budget.”

“Minister Jeremy Rockliff should be congratulated for delivering the expected funding for implementation of the proposed Tasmanian Cat Management Plan, with the budget providing $360,000 per year.”

“The Minister has obtained $2 million over four years for a new invasive species management program but it is disappointing that it is only for weeds and ferals that effect for industries – it should be expand to cover invasive species that threaten the environment.”

Container deposit scheme
“The $100,000 allocated in the budget for the government to ‘consider the appropriateness of a CDS for Tasmania’ is very disappointing and shows the government just wants to delay any actual action toward implementing a scheme in Tasmania.”
Petr McGlone, Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc