On the 31st of May at 12 noon students will gather out the front of Melbourne’s Parliament House and march to the Liberal Party headquarters to demonstrate the fight against fee increases and funding cuts is not over.

“The Liberal government is likely hoping that the anger against their higher education package will subside and they will be able to pass hefty fee increases onto students. If that is the case, they are dead wrong. Students will continue our protest campaign against the Liberals, and we plan to take the fight straight to them,” NUS education officer Anneke Demanuele said.

Students marched around the country in a coordinated day of protest on the 17th of May, and will continue to demonstrate and hold marches until the fee increases and funding cuts are dropped. “We know that unless we continue to protest and fight this government, they will continue to push through fee increases. Embarrassed they could not push through fee deregulation, the Liberals are starting with a smaller fee increase, but it is clear that they want to go further. The Liberals dream is a system akin to America, where students are saddled with huge debts and universities make mega profits. We will stop the Liberals in their tracks,” continued Demanuele

“These budget attacks go hand in hand with the Liberal’s war on young people.” said NUS President, Sophie Johnston “They’ve failed us on climate change, they’ve failed us on refugee policy, they’ve failed us on housing , they’re failing on democracy, and now they want to see young people saddled with tens of thousands in debt for wanting to get an education.”

“We refuse to back down and will continue to fight until these reforms are defeated.” continued Johnston.

Students will gather at 12pm at Parliament House, cnr of Spring and Bourke street on Wednesday the 31st
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students