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Shorten’s leadership at Beaconsfield something Barnaby Joyce could learn from

The Federal Member for Bass, Ross Hart MP was saddened at the comments made by the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce directed at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten today in Canberra.

The tragic loss of life at the Beaconsfield Mine in 2006 was something that all of Australia witnessed and indeed experienced.

We all grieved when we lost Larry Knight.

We then watched over succeeding days, for what appeared an eternity, with hope that a successful rescue might be possible for Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

The leadership that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten demonstrated, and the conviction with which he stood up for miners in Tasmania 11 years ago is fact, a part of history which cannot be rewritten.

The fact that this should now be the subject of an attack by Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister is a disappointing moment in our Parliamentary History.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to Larry Knight’s family. I hope that they will accept that this was just poor judgement by our Deputy PM. I look forward to a Parliamentary apology from Mr Joyce.

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