 Retail trade falls in Tasmania
 Disappointing patch after growth in 2016
 Government must address challenges in the economy

The latest retail trade figures are a reminder that the Government can’t afford to be complacent over Tasmania’s economy.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s disappointing retail trade fell in March.

“Retail trade has been a strength for Tasmania so these figures are disappointing,” Mr Bacon said.

“After consistently good growth last year, retail trade plateaued at the start of the year and has now dropped.

“It comes as the trend away from full-time employment continues.

“And Tasmania’s low participation rate indicates there are people across the state who have unfortunately given up looking for work.

“The Government has failed to address the low participation rate and the trend towards part-time and casual work.

“Retail trade growth depends on confident consumers and full-time employment is the key to confidence.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer