 Lara Giddings urges Premier to refer VAD to Tasmania Law Reform Institute
 Premier said he was willing to progress the issue
 Time for the issue to be taken out of the political arena

Labor Member for Franklin and Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings has called on the Premier to refer the issue of voluntary assisted dying to the Tasmania Law Reform Institute.

Legislation co-sponsored by Ms Giddings and Franklin MP Cassy O’Connor was last night defeated in the lower house.

“I’m devastated for the people who desperately wanted to see this legislation pass,” Ms Giddings said.

“But I say to those people who are determined to see change that the fight is not over.

“I call on Premier Will Hodgman to take this matter out of the political arena and refer the issue to the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI).

“That referral should include a study of international jurisdictions with euthanasia laws and make recommendations as to what law would work in Tasmania to enable people the right to choose to end their suffering and adequately protect vulnerable people in the process. I believe the bill Cassy O’Connor and I presented, did exactly that, however the parliament decided otherwise.

“The referral to the TLRI needs to be backed by sufficient resources for the TLRI to properly examine what needs to be done to bring about change and to be able to consult widely with the Tasmanian community.

“If the Premier is serious about being willing to progress the issue, as he promised to last night, he’ll refer it to the Law Reform Institute for proper backing without delay.

“We owe it to the many Tasmanians who have died horrible painful deaths that palliation could not relieve and their families and supporters who have spent so much of their lives fighting for change.”
Lara Giddings MP Labor Member for Franklin Shadow Attorney-General