Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President, said …

“The budget is light on detail and heavy on spin.”

“It’s an opaque and underwhelming budget for education with the only thing clear that, with Turnbull axing Gonski, Tasmanian public schools will be going backwards in terms of the support they can offer to students. ”

“We don’t see the Hodgman Government making up for the Gonski funding cuts coming from the Federal Government which is an $85 million reduction in the next two years, alone.”

“We don’t see anything in the budget that will make up for Turnbull’s plan to relegate Tasmania’s public school funding growth rate (indexation) to the lowest of any state.”

“The net result is that Tasmanian public schools will go backwards in terms of resources at the same time as they are dealing with rising and complex needs of students.”

“What our public school system urgently requires is the step change in funding that meets need and the only plan on the table to achieve that is our signed Gonski agreement but the Hodgman Government won’t fight for it.”

“Any announcements that are short of Tasmania’s full Gonski agreement are really just papering over the cracks for a headline and a short-term political fix.”

“Sadly for our students, the State Government has blunted the impact of the early years of Gonski funding by its devastating 2014 education budget cuts, followed by poor delivery which has not seen enough Gonski funds go through the school gate.”

“Again, in this budget, there is no transparency in terms of what proportion of Gonski money is being delivered to schools, for the benefit of students.”
Harriet Binet, AEU Communications