 No funding guaranteed beyond next year
 West Coast community deserves more certainty
 Labor highlighted the funding gap 12 months ago but it still remains

One of Tasmania’s tourism icons has been handed an uncertain future in this year’s Budget.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway has only been supported for one more year despite Labor raising the funding gap 12 months ago.

“After next year, there’s no funding for the West Coast Wilderness Railway at all,” Dr Broad said.

“How can West Coast tourism businesses make any investment decisions not knowing if one of their tourism icons will be operating beyond next year?

“Labor highlighted the funding gap during budget hearings last year.

“The Government indicated they planned to keep funding the railway but they’ve let the West Coast down.

“The Premier, as Minister for Tourism, needs to guarantee that funding is ongoing.

“The Liberals either plan to abandon the railway or they’re trying to make their budget look better by being tricky.

“Either way, the people of the West Coast and the tourism sector deserve better.”
Shane Broad MP Labor Member for Braddon