• Centres provide supportive environment for young children and their parents
• Evidence shows centres deliver better outcomes for families and communities
• Labor policy spans health, education and infrastructure

Labor is committed to building six new Child and Family Centres in the next term of government.
Labor Leader Rebecca White and Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne today announced the significant policy decision that spans education, health and infrastructure.
“We are proud to announce that in the first term of a Labor government, six new Child and Family Centres will be built,” Ms White said.
“The evidence is indisputable. Child and Family Centres deliver brilliant outcomes and more communities in Tasmania deserve access to them.
“The new centres will be built in order of priority as identified by the Kids Come First report which measures social disadvantage, educational attainment and health outcomes.
“We’ll make sure the report is current and base our decisions around where the centres will be built on hard evidence.
“You only have to walk into one of the 12 existing centres across Tasmania to immediately recognise their value to the communities they’re in.”
Ms O’Byrne said improving education outcomes is the primary benefit of Child and Family Centres but only part of the picture.
“Child and Family Centres provide support in an extraordinarily broad way,” Ms O’Byrne said.
“They really have become a central hub in the communities they’re currently in. Parents love the way they can interact with staff in the centres on a whole range of different things.
“The prospect of delivering those same services to six more communities makes me proud of what a Labor government will be able to achieve.
“Labor doesn’t believe simply lowering the school starting age to three and half is the answer when it comes to supporting children in the early years.
“Child and Family Centres offer a wonderful, supportive environment for young children and their parents.
“Play-based learning provides the perfect launching pad into formal education and Child and Family Centres deliver exactly that.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne MP Deputy Labor Leader and Shadow Minister for Education