A leading expert in heart care, Dr Geoffrey Evans of Charles Clinic Heart Care in Launceston, has applauded the State ALP’s proposal to establish a Healthy Communities Commission to deliver better preventative health care in Tasmania.

He has also welcomed the State Government’s plan to adopt a range of measures to reduce the incidence of smoking, announced late last week.

Dr Evans said preventative health measures in the state were at a ridiculously low level despite the fact Tasmania had one of the country’s highest rates of heart disease.

“The incidence of unmanaged high blood pressure and high cholesterol combined with an appalling level of smoking, particularly across northern Tasmania, are primary causes of heart disease,” Dr Evans said.

“However, the situation could be vastly improved with increased community awareness and better focused medical services. Apart from raising the life expectancy of thousands of Tasmanians, such measures would save taxpayers million upon millions of dollars in health care costs.

“Preventative health is a vital community investment. It saves lives. It makes for happier, healthier communities. It also saves money. This is established knowledge – not wishful thinking. Yet, successive governments fail to recognise the enormous value of investing in preventative health.”

The Launceston-based Charles Clinic Heart Care provides outreach heart care services across northern Tasmania, from Smithton to St Helens, including specialist services provided by visiting doctors from the mainland who support the Clinic’s outreach program.
Dr Geoffrey Evans of Charles Clinic Heart Care in Launceston