I am disappointed that my move to send the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2016 to a Parliamentary committee for further examination was defeated in Parliament last night.
In total, seven Liberal members voted for my amendment, which would have allowed the Bill to have further scrutiny and provide opportunity for improvements to some of its flaws.
The Bill included changes that weren’t in the previous bill, and even its supporters didn’t know about. Hundreds of people wrote to me supporting voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill people, but the actual Bill applied to anyone with ‘a serious, incurable and irreversible medical condition’. There is a big difference. I tried to send it to a public inquiry so those life-and-death issues could have a proper public hearing before we voted them into law.
It is particularly surprising that the proponents of the Bill voted against sending it to a committee in the full knowledge the Bill did not have the numbers to pass the second reading.
It is for them to explain why they chose to have their bill defeated rather than allow it the opportunity to be improved.
Roger Jaensch, Liberal Member for Braddon