The Apprenticeship Employment Network has welcomed the State Government’s announcement of additional incentives for businesses to employ apprentices, trainees and young people in the upcoming State Budget.
Executive Officer of the Apprenticeship Employment Network, Geoff Fader said the principal of excluding payroll tax for apprentices in Tasmania is a welcome and much needed development that will ensure more are jobs are created for our young.
Under the plan, employers will be able to receive a payroll tax rebate on the wages paid to new apprentices and trainees for a period of two years.
“Apprenticeships are a vital starting point for many young Tasmanians as they embark on their working career and anything that will make it easier for employers to take them on is to be applauded,” Mr Fader said.
“I also congratulate the State Government for extending the payroll tax rebate to new workers aged between 15 and 24, even if they are not undertaking formal training.”
Mr Fader said the news came on the back of incentives for small businesses to also employ more apprentices and trainees, which will see a $2 million pilot to see this happen.
“These initiatives are a genuine attempt by Government to give young people a go here in Tasmania, instead of seeing our best and brightest leave for the mainland in order to get a start in their career,” Mr Fader said.
Executive Officer of the Apprenticeship Employment Network, Geoff Fader