• Royal Hobart at highest crisis level 27 times so far this year
• Crisis periods lasting for up to a week each time
• Hodgman and Ferguson continue to deny the crisis clear to everyone
The Hodgman Liberal Government has finally confirmed the crisis engulfing the Royal Hobart Hospital, revealing the hospital has been at the highest serious escalation declaration level for the majority of the past three months.
Labor leader Rebecca White said after being questioned over the past two days about the hospital crisis, Health Minister Michael Ferguson had today confirmed the highest hospital escalation – Level Three – had been declared at the RHH 27 times in the past 89 days.
“The Health Minister also confirmed that the periods the hospital remained at Level Three ranged from four hours to an entire week,” Ms White said.
“That confirms what doctors, nurses and other frontline health staff have been unsuccessfully trying to tell Mr Ferguson – that the Royal Hobart Hospital is at crisis point most days.
“Level Three indicates a severe effect on patient flow. It means the hospital is under extreme pressure, leading to serious bed block and urgent actions are required across the entire hospital.
“We know the pressure on the hospital means that patients have been forced to wait in the Emergency Department for 40 hours or more before being transferred to a bed because Mr Ferguson has placed staff in an impossible position with limited resources.
“Yet the Minister continues to deny the crisis and the Premier yesterday told the Parliament: ‘There is no crisis’.
“How he can continue to make that claim is an absolute mystery to each and every Tasmanian.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader