 Premier refuses to say whether he’s even read the un-redacted power station document
 Huge doubt over ‘cabinet in confidence’ claim
 Premier, Treasurer and Minister all desperate to hide the document

Premier Will Hodgman today cast doubt over whether he has read the letter at the centre of the saga involving the Treasurer and Minister for Energy.

Shadow Minister for Open Government Madeleine Ogilvie said the Premier was twice asked during Question Time if he had read the letter.

“The Premier refused to answer a very simple question,” Ms Ogilvie said.

“There is now serious doubt as to whether the Premier has even read the letter.

“How can the Premier say the letter is ‘cabinet in confidence’ if he hasn’t even read it. Or if he has not read it, and continues to insist it is ‘cabinet in confidence’, we need to ask why he doesn’t read cabinet documents.

“Clearly, if the Premier hasn’t seen the un-redacted version of the letter, it would confirm it is not a cabinet document once and for all.

“Meanwhile, Minister Gutwein continues to ignore the advice of the former Solicitor General Leigh Sealy by refusing to hand the document over to the Public Accounts Committee.

“The Minister has also dismissed the sensible suggestion from PAC Chairman Ivan Dean to ask an eminent third party to assess the document.

“Clearly the Premier, Treasurer and Energy Minister have something to hide.”
Madeleine Ogilvie MP Shadow Minister for Open Government