The National Union of Students is appalled at the handling of the AHRC survey into the experience of sexual assault and harassment on University campuses.
NUS understands that only Vice-chancellors will be privy to campus specific data that will paint a picture of exactly what’s going on in these institutions and how the issue of sexual assault and gendered violence has been addressed in the past.
“The extent of sexual assault and gendered violence on campuses has been an unspoken experience for students and staff for decades.” Said NUS President, Sophie Johnston “We’ve been fighting for Universities to start taking a responsibility for this culture and the solutions for change.”
“Our position from day 1 has been that it is crucial for this process to be open and transparent for it to be successful in combating a culture of violence. What we are seeing instead is a blatant cover up; Universities would rather protect their reputation.” Johnston said
“NUS will be fighting for a national response framework; for Universities to commit to adopting adequate reporting systems, support services, and education programs.” Johnston said.
“Students have been completely let down by the process of this survey,” Said NUS Women’s Officer, Abby Stapleton “It is unlikely that we will see any concrete, meaningful recommendations released in the report mid year.
“This is down to the interference of Universities Australia, who see to protect their branding at the expense of survivors of sexual assault and harassment on campus” Said Stapleton
“University management and Vice Chancellors are very much part of the problem, and are complicit in the institutional cover up of sexual assault on campus. There is no place for the opinions of university admin in the discussion on sexual assault on campus.” Said Stapleton
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students