• Doctors telling Ferguson Tasmania has worst performing public hospital system in Australia
• Minister still refusing to listen to those who know best
• Premier must step in and order Health Minister to act
Premier Will Hodgman can no longer consciously ignore the crisis facing Tasmania’s hospitals after today’s stark and frightening assessment of the situation by frontline medical professionals.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said since the Health Minister Michael Ferguson was incapable of acknowledging the hospitals crisis and had no intention of providing solutions, it was time for the Premier to step in and act.
“The AMA, doctors at the frontline, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the unions representing medical professionals could not be clearer in their blunt and honest warning to Mr Ferguson and the government today,” Ms White said.
“They have painted an extremely clear picture of a hospital system in crisis with a critical shortage of beds, facing impending chaos as we enter winter and, very alarmingly, bed block at twice the national average contributing to up to 80 avoidable deaths each year.
“They could not be clearer that “on almost all measures, Tasmania has the least adequate and worst performing public hospital system in Australia” and the government has chosen not to act despite having the capacity to lift standards.
“Yet Mr Ferguson remains oblivious, denying there is a crisis when it is clear to every Tasmanian that there is.
“His dishonesty and his denials are arrogant, dangerous and irresponsible.
“That’s why the Premier has to show some leadership, step in and order that solutions are found and the starting point for those solutions is a public inquiry so staff who work in our hospitals can provide a clear account of the situation.
“The statement from the health professionals cannot be ignored.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader