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IN the short space of two years, Scott Morrison has gone from potential party leader to a treasurer on political death row.

Having lost 10 Newspolls on the trot and with high expectations that they’ll fix the problems of housing affordability, the leaks against the Treasurer don’t only destabilise him, they destabilise the Turnbull government.

Easter 2015 marked the start of a crucial six months for Scott Morrison.

Throwing away the support of conservatives to back Turnbull when he was already the heir apparent was a major error of judgment by Scott Morrison.

The lead-up to the Turnbull government’s first budget the following May in 2016 was an unmitigated disaster with the PM and treasurer publicly raising policy ‘thought bubbles’ only to rule them out days later.

I worked closely with Scott Morrison in opposition and government as we worked up the plan to stop the boats, and then made it happen.

While colleagues are entitled to query whether Morrison has more bravado than brainpower, at a time when the Turnbull government needs a strong budget in order to survive, the leaks and briefings are just sheer madness.

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