 Labor Leader Rebecca White in Launceston meeting with health leaders and patients
 Next month will be spent engaging with people in the hospital system
 Labor’s focused on solutions

Labor Leader Rebecca White has spent the day in Launceston holding crisis talks with patients, clinicians and other leaders in the health sector to better understand the extent of the crisis in our hospitals.

“I believe it’s important that I spend the next month engaging closely with the people working in our health system,” Ms White said.

“Labor is determined to listen to the people the Government is ignoring.

“We want to work through the issues to identify solutions to the problems in our hospital system.

“No one’s saying there’s an easy fix but we won’t see improvements unless we address the challenges affecting patients and staff.

“Labor will spend the next month holding health crisis talks right across the state.

“We heard the first-hand account from a patient at the LGH who had to wait in emergency after having a stroke.

“It’s a stark example of how under-pressure and under-resourced our hospitals are.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader