Anglicare Tasmania calls on the State Government to use the $60m stamp duty windfall this year to invest in affordable housing supply in Tasmania.

“Sixty million dollars could make a real difference to the shortfall in affordable housing in this state,” said Meg Webb, Manager of Anglicare Tasmania’s Social Action and Research Centre.

“The State Government has a prime opportunity to significantly increase its commitment to affordable housing and put this money to best use for Tasmanians feeling housing pain.”

According to the State Government figures, Tasmania needs an average of 2392 new dwellings a year to meet its long-term supply needs through to 2031. Of these 656 per year (27%) need to be low priced affordable homes.

“With house prices going up and limited access to social and public housing, people are getting stuck in the highly competitive private rental market,” said Ms Webb, “Extreme rental stress is a reality for far too many Tasmanians.”

“We need solutions, and we need them now.”

Anglicare Tasmania encourages the State Government to invest the revenue windfall from a booming property market into affordable housing for the Tasmanian community.
Sonya de Lacey, Anglicare Media and Communications