 86 workers face an uncertain future
 Liberal Government urged to get involved
 Premier has failed to address the huge drop in full-time employment

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Shane Broad has urged the Hodgman Government to be more actively involved in the situation affecting 86 workers at the JBS abattoir at Longford.

“86 workers and their families face a very uncertain future. Labor is calling on the Government to do more to support them,” Dr Broad said.

“Sheep processing at the abattoir is not expected to restart until Spring, meaning the next few months will be extremely tough for the workers.

“If the Government was hands-on, it would be in there working with unions and the company to secure the best possible outcome for these people and their families.

“And we must look at the situation more generally to gain a better understanding of the instability in the industry.

“We’ve seen 4100 full-time jobs disappear in the last 12 months with a massive trend towards casual and part-time work.

“There are too many Tasmanians worried about job security.

“The situation at JBS in Longford is a prime example of Tasmanians facing uncertainty when it comes to long-term employment.

“The Government should be in there working towards a good outcome instead of sitting back and watching the situation unfold.”
Shane Broad MP Shadow Minister for Primary Industries & Water