• Treasurer keeping truth hidden from Tasmanians despite contempt threat
• Health Minister responsible for beds crisis at Royal and Mersey funding fail
• Hodgman overseeing crises but lacks the will to provide solutions
The Hodgman Liberal Government returns to the State Parliament this week with crises across numerous fronts but no genuine effort to find solutions.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said dishonesty, deception and disappointment had now been firmly established as hallmarks of Premier Will Hodgman’s government.
“The Premier, with the Treasurer, has been deeply deceptive in his effort to withhold a document outlining his government’s strategy to sell the Tamar Valley Power Station as Tasmania entered an energy crisis,” Ms White said.
“He cannot be allowed to keep claiming a letter between two of his Ministers about the sale of the power station is Cabinet in Confidence when it is not.
“The Health Minister has refused to listen to those who know best – the doctors and nurses at the coalface – and that has resulted in a beds crisis at the Royal Hobart Hospital which is now so serious and dangerous it needs to be examined before a Parliamentary Inquiry.
“Michael Ferguson has failed to lobby his colleagues in Canberra to get a deal for the Mersey which has rightly angered medical staff and the community.
“The child protection system remains in crisis and continues to fail on Jacquie Petrusma’s watch.
“On top of each of these crises, Mr Hodgman’s government cares so little about every day Tasmanian workers that it did not even provide a submission to Fair Work Australia to help save their penalty rates – and it continues to fail by not calling out the Turnbull Government.
“The government in all of its deception and dishonesty needs to be called out and Labor will continue to hold Mr Hodgman and his Ministers to account.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader