You are invited (see above) to discuss current issues facing Freycinet National Park with Matthew Groom, the Environment, Parks and Heritage Minister.

Meetings will be scheduled for Friday the 28 April, 2017 at Coles Bay.

To register your interest please contact Simon Willcox, Manage of Visitor Strategy, by 12 April 2017 by email

Written submissions are also welcome from those unable to attend.


Freycinet National Park is Tasmania’s most visited National Park. Increasing visitor numbers are placing massive pressure on the park and detracting from the visitor experience.

For example, it was amazing to see this article published in The Examiner in December 2016 which reported that the Parks and Wildlife Service “…took to Facebook … warn people to expect delays and congestion between 10am and 2pm suggesting people “consider visiting before 9am and after 4pm when the day is cooler””.

There are so many issues facing Freycinet. Perhaps the Government needs to write an issues paper, so we can have a comprehensive discussion about the long term management and sustainability of Freycinet National Park.


In 2016, I requested a meeting with the Environment Minister Matthew Groom. Sadly, Matthew Groom declined my request.

It is a bit tragic when the Environment Minister will not meet with environment groups.

I have also posted this information on Facebook:
Sophie Underwood, Freycinet Action Network