With the election in less than a month, the people of Launceston deserve to know where their current Legislative Councillor stands on the weakening of legal protections for LGBTI Tasmanians, women, people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, people living with a disability, and the list goes on.

During debate on changes to the Anti-Discrimination Act in the Legislative Council, Member for Launceston, Rosemary Armitage was unclear about whether she supported the Liberals’ weakening of the laws or not.

In one breath, Ms Armitage opposed attempts to weaken the anti-discrimination laws, and in the next, gave herself space to support Ms Rattray’s proposed amendment, which removes the terms ‘offend’ and ‘insult’ from the Act.

The Liberals’ Bill has been opposed by LGBTI advocates, the Mental Health Council of Tasmania, the Law Society of Tasmania, the Women’s Legal Service, Community Legal Centres, advocates for multicultural communities and even church leaders.

Ms Armitage must declare her hand. Does she support the Liberals’ attempt led by Eric Abetz to weaken the Anti-Discrimination Act or not?

The Liberal Government’s bill sends a dangerous message that it is acceptable to use homophobic, racist, bigoted, sexist and other hurtful language towards minorities in our community.

The Greens fought the weakening of the Anti-Discrimination Act every step of the way in the House of Assembly and people can be sure that we would continue that fight in the Legislative Council if I were elected.

The feedback I’ve had consistently from Launceston residents is they want a representative who is strong and clear, and who is proud of their parliamentary voting record.

People in Launceston don’t want someone who says one thing, and votes the other way in Parliament. Another example of this was Ms Armitage’s vote on marriage equality. LGBTI Tasmanians were assured she supported them and she still says to people in Launceston that she supports marriage for all, but she let us down on the floor of Parliament by voting no to marriage equality.
Emma Anglesey Greens Legislative Council Candidate for Launceston