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Contrary to fake news reports from throughout the mainstream and alt-media, reports which were debunked exclusively in The Duran, Syria, like Russia and Iran are not planning military retaliation against US forces.

President Assad made it clear that Syria, like her allies, plans to stay the course.

“Actually, if you want to talk about retaliation, we are talking about missiles coming from hundreds of miles, which is out of our reach, but actually the real war in Syria is not about those missiles; it’s about supporting the terrorists. This is the most dangerous part of this war, and our response is going to be what we started from the very first day: is smashing the terrorists everywhere in Syria. When we get rid of the terrorists, we wouldn’t worry about anything else at that time. So, this is our response. It’s a response, not reaction”.

US Defence Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis said that the US strikes eliminated 20% of Syria’s air force.

This is a fake statistic as President Assad explained,.

“No, no, it’s actually part of the context, the same context for six years; it took different shapes, but the core of the American policy and the Western policy towards what’s happening in Syria, it hasn’t changed at all. Forget about the statements; sometimes we have high-pitch statements, sometimes you have low-pitch statements, but it’s the same policy”.

President Assad said that if Donald Trump was serious about working with countries like Russia as part of an anti-terrorist coalition that he would welcome US assistance in this respect.

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