I have been provided with a progress update on the Safe Pathways review by the Secretary of DHHS and the legal guardian of these children, Mr Michael Pervan.
Importantly, I can confirm that all eleven children that were previously with Safe Pathways have been placed under the care of alternative providers.
It is important to note that the Department of Health and Human Services was already taking action on concerns that had been raised in regards to Safe Pathways prior to any allegations made in media reports.
Two reports have now been received by the Secretary into both the financials, and care standards, of Safe Pathways.
Both reports indicate that more investigation work is required before decisions can be taken about the future use of Safe Pathways as a provider of care for the DHHS
In the interim, not only have all children been placed with alternative providers, no new placements will be made with Safe Pathways. It’s important to note that the funding currently paid to Safe Pathways moves with the children to the new providers.
In accordance with provisions under the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act, these reports cannot be publicly released.
Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Human Services