The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to improving Tasmania’s education system, and providing universal access to quality early learning sooner is a vital part of that Plan.
When the Education Bill 2016 was passed in November we provided an undertaking to work and consult further with the education and care sector, educators in schools, parents and carers and the community to ensure that every Tasmanian child has earlier voluntary access to Prep and Kindergarten.
This is an extremely important improvement and it is vital we get it right for the future of Tasmania and our children.
Today we have advertised for tenders to engage a consultant to investigate and produce a report to specifically address the social and economic impact of the changes on the Tasmanian early childhood education and care sector and Tasmanian children and their families.
The successful consultant or consultancy will be responsible for leading the independent and objective analysis and engaging with the early childhood education and care sector and other relevant parties who have knowledge of and expertise in early childhood education and care.
The education and care sector is an integral part of the early years in Tasmania and has been consulted on the tender.
An earlier (voluntary) school starting age provides a significant opportunity for Tasmania to increase participation by our young children in quality early learning programs and ultimately lift overall education outcomes, and this can best be done in partnership with the education and care sector.
Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training