At yesterday’s meeting of energy ministers I again took the opportunity to strongly promote the valuable role a second interconnector across Bass Strait can play in Australia’s low-emission future.
A second interconnector would increase energy security at both a national and Tasmanian level, which is why we believe a second interconnector should be nationally funded.
Importantly it would unlock a wave of new renewable energy development with up to 1000MW of additional generation that could be brought on line, driving investment of over $2 billion in Tasmania and creating hundreds of jobs.
Many of these jobs would be in regional areas, where there are untapped opportunities to build wind farms and other renewable energy generation.
The discussions yesterday were constructive and follow the AEMC report released earlier this week, which confirmed the Hodgman Government’s commitment to putting downward pressure on power prices is working.
The report indicates that by 2018/19 Tasmanian residential customers are projected to have the lowest prices of any Australian region, and we will continue to work with Tasmania’s energy businesses to maintain this.
This is in sharp contrast to the 65 per cent increase in power prices under the former Labor-Green Government.
Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy