 Transport assistance for sawmillers to cease
 Previous Minister promised support would continue

The Liberal Government has dealt another blow to sawmillers with confirmation that assistance to transport residues will cease on June 30.

“Last year Forestry Tasmania provided $580,000 to help southern sawmillers transport their residues to northern export ports,” Labor Leader Bryan Green said.

“The Minister for Resources, Guy Barnett, confirmed today that the assistance will cease entirely at the end of the financial year.

“That is despite the previous Resources Minister, Paul Harriss, reassuring sawmillers that the assistance would continue for as long as there was no southern export solution for sawmill residues.

“The whole log export facility at Macquarie Wharf does nothing to help sawmills.

“Putting Forestry Tasmania on a sustainable footing by making sawmills unsustainable exposes the Liberal Government’s twisted priorities.

“At the same time as the Liberals are jacking up the price of sawlogs.

“It was also confirmed today that less than 50,000ha of the 357,000ha the Liberals want to unlock will actually be harvestable. The real figure could be closer to 30,000ha.

“It says it all that the Liberals want to start a war over 30,000ha of timber.

“This is all about politics and not about the best interests of the forest industry.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader