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Long term motorcycle travel … my experience

In 2013 I returned to Australia after near two years of constant travel. I knew the experience would make me depressed so I set myself the goal of getting my motorcycle license and planning a trip around West Australia, the only part of my own country I hadn’t explored.

I bought a 2nd hand DR650 with low kilometres and set about customising it so as it would take me anywhere. All up I spent around $8,500, just under the cost of a new bike.

I work for myself as a video producer and managed to score a great government contract producing a series of videos on palliative care for the hospital in the town where I grew up. I moved into my dad’s, recruited him as the main star of the series, got rid of a lot of junk, put the rest in storage and in my spare time learnt the art of motorcycle maintenance …

Watch here
Mark Shea, overlander.tv

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