The Hodgman Liberal Government will introduce a new motorcycle training and assessment regime for all new motorcycle riders as part of our goal to reduce the state’s road toll to zero, in line with our 2014 election commitment.
From May next year, motorcycle learners will be required to complete extra requirements before obtaining their licence. These changes include a new two-day pre-learner motorcycle training course, a check ride and a new pre-provisional test.
These new requirements ensure that novice motorcycle riders get approximately three times more supervised riding experience than the current system.
Last year motorcycle riders made up 35 per cent of our serious casualty crashes, while they represent only four per cent of Tasmania’s vehicle fleet.
With motorcycle riders significantly over-represented in serious casualty crashes, this change is vital in protecting one of our most vulnerable road user groups.
The course also includes an on-road coaching and mentoring activity in day two, which will reinforce the key safe riding skills learnt.
The new check ride is also a very important addition as it enables reinforcement of safe riding skills and behaviours that are taught in the pre-learner course.
Additionally, riders who obtain a learner motorcycle licence before the changes come into effect will need to complete a bridging course, which will be partly subsidised by the Road Safety Levy under a fixed-term transitional arrangement. Those riders who already have a learner licence will be strongly encouraged to undertake a bridging course to ensure they have the right skills necessary to be safe on our roads.
I would like to thank the Road Safety Advisory Council for their work in helping to develop this important initiative that will save lives and reduce serious injuries.
More information about the new motorcycle training and assessment regime and where to book courses can be found at
Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure