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Health Minister must resign after gross mismanagement and latest cuts

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called for Greens, Labor and Crossbench Senators to support a motion of no confidence and the resignation of Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley, following a community meeting in Tasmania that revealed gross mismanagement of the Primary Health Networks, and today’s massive cuts to the Federal dental program.

“Last night, the Tasmanian community expressed justified outrage after Federal funding to the Kentish Health Care Centre was cut, which will lead to an unforgivable reduction in health services,” Senator Lambie said.

“And today Health Minister Ley thinks she can announce more cuts in the lead up to Christmas – this time to our Federal dental system, without losing any political skin or suffering any political damage. Well, have I got news for her!” Senator Lambie said.

“I’m going to spend every waking moment between now and the resumption of Parliament in the New Year, to build support for a motion of no confidence and the resignation of Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley.

“She and the Liberals, through their Primary Health Networks, have slyly created a system that protects them from criticism for bad management and reduction in funds and services,” Senator Lambie said.

“It’s time Minister Ley visited the community and saw firsthand how people are suffering because of her bad management. So today I have invited Minister Ley to get her boots on the ground and speak to the Kentish community face-to-face by the end of January.

“The Kentish Health Care Centre is a fantastic service full of hard working people, who are taking the pressure off aged care facilities and the public health system,” Senator Lambie said.

“Tasmania’s public health system is in crisis, it is under-resourced, there are not enough beds, and the Federal Government has also begun to make cuts to the aged care sector. We need community organisations like the Kentish Health Care Centre, to continue its good work supporting the health and well-being of rural-regional Tasmania,” Senator Lambie said.

Dental Cuts

“I am appalled that today we found out from Minister Ley about the Federal cuts to dental funding.

“My calculations show that Australia-wide the cuts will be about $1 billion. But it’s up to the Health Minister to show how much funding for dental services Tasmania will lose over the forward estimates.

“Cuts to services provided by Primary Health Networks and cuts to the Federal dental scheme are all part of a dangerous pattern of dysfunction and mismanagement in the Federal Health portfolio,” Senator Lambie said.
Rob Messenger for Senator Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin F Moylan

    December 15, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Bold words Senator Lambie, but when does a 20-year ‘crisis’ become ‘chronic’? She said, “the Liberal’s have slyly created a system that protects then from criticism.” Which is why our nation needs rock solid Commonwealth Public Interest Disclosure (whistle-blower) legislation. People(advocates)are rightfully too afraid to speak out or report systemic wrongdoing for fear of life changing reprisals; and in my case, homelessness.(for doing my legal duty).

    Australian Nursing Journal, April 2016.p21.
    ‘Delegates resolved to stand in solidarity to continue to campaign for the repeal of the “gag order” placed on nurses and midwives through the Border Force Act.’ (Any health professional who discloses legal breaches faces two years jail)

    ABC NEWS December 15 2016. Royal Hobart Hospital is ‘Third World’. Whistle-blower Locums.

    NO mention of mental health and the psychiatric disabled, anywhere; these forgotten souls don’t have a voice or the right to say NO.

    Herald Sun Sunday Extra: August 14 2016.
    ‘The Fallen.’ (six-month investigation)”Sometimes the hardest thing about war is coming home.”
    ‘Forty-one (broken)returned soldiers suffering from PTSD and Depression have committed suicide so far this year’. Who cares for and nurtures our Sovereign protectors and their loved ones; once their duty is done? Many carry unresolved demons, that require astute, professional, intensive care and rehabilitation. They too, must never be forgotten – when the sun goes down.

    Jacqui, is it true the Defence Department don’t keep official records of those who fell to PTSD and ‘the black dog’ of depression,? here in The Lucky Country (for some). I will read your book.

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