 Groom breaks promise to not change tariff structure
 Leading business predicts bills to rise “as much as 5-10 per cent”
 Households, small & medium businesses affected

There is mounting evidence that Matthew Groom’s broken promise not to change power tariffs will push up electricity bills.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the Liberals need to think again.

“The Government’s plan to move away from consumption-based pricing will inevitably force up power bills,” Mr Bacon said.

“Discount tariffs, such as Tariff 41, will be abandoned under the new plan meaning Tasmanians will pay more.

“Labor has long-campaigned against the removal of Tariff 41.

“Initially Matthew Groom promised there would be no change but he’s since gone back on his word.”

“We have made clear to our energy businesses that we will not support any changes to tariffs which will see Tasmanians worse off,” (Matthew Groom, The Mercury, 8/8/2015)
“Matthew Groom has blatantly broken that promise,” Mr Bacon said.
“Hobart company Nekon has warned the proposed changes will cost households and businesses.”

“With these pricing decisions being approved, Tasmania’s small and medium-sized businesses, instead of saving energy costs with the implementation of energy efficient initiatives, can now expect to see their energy costs rise as much as 5-10 per cent.” (Nekon’s submission to the Australian Energy Regulator*, The Mercury 19/12/2016)

“This arrogant and out of touch government has not listened to the community and is pushing ahead with plans that will increase power bills for all Tasmanians,” Mr Bacon said.

“We have a new petition that we urge members of the public to sign to send a clear message to the Liberal Government.”


Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer