 Pathetic response from the Liberals to an important piece of work
 Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein unwilling to address the challenges facing the economy
 Government’s response just meaningless spin

The comprehensive Tasmania Report put together by economist Saul Eslake in conjunction with the TCCI and TasCoss was the perfect opportunity to start a genuine debate about the challenges facing our economy.

Instead we saw a glib, political response from the Liberal Government.

“The Government’s response to the Tasmania Report was pathetic,” Labor Leader Bryan Green said.

“Here was a genuine chance to start a meaningful conversation about Tasmania’s economy and we got the same spin from the Liberals.

“Peter Gutwein’s seven line press release did a disservice to a comprehensive and compelling report.

“The Treasurer didn’t even acknowledge the work that went into creating the report or the challenges it highlights.

“We got the same spin from the Liberals we get every other day and quite frankly Tasmanians deserve better.

“Labor’s ready to have a genuine discussion about where governments of both political persuasions have got it right and wrong and more importantly, what we do to improve life for Tasmanians.

“At yesterday’s launch I had a sense of optimism about the conversation the report would create but the Government’s response was extremely disappointing.

“The Liberals have wasted almost three years doing nothing meaningful when it comes to Tasmania’s economy.

“There’s no drive to invest in infrastructure or take on significant economic reforms.

“Labor would be much bolder and innovative in government and we look forward to offering Tasmanians a stark choice at the next election.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader