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Government must resolve bushfire plan logjam

 Tourism and construction projects set to be held up
 Fire Service lacking the resources to sign off on bushfire plans for new projects
 Government must resolve the issue to avoid summer backlog

The Liberal Government must immediately resolve a bushfire planning logjam that will severely hold up tourism projects.

Shadow Minister for Public Planning Madeleine Ogilvie said staffing shortages at the Tasmania Fire Service means bushfire management plans may not be approved until the end of summer.

“The TFS has told bushfire practitioners to expect extended delays due to staff shortages up until March next year,” Ms Ogilvie said.

“An email from the Bushfire Planning and Policy Unit warns of “extended delays”, says support will be “severely reduced” and apologises for the “inconvenience”.

“Bushfire management plans will be left in limbo, meaning tourism and construction projects will be indefinitely held up.

“Labor understands the Minister is aware of the issue but it needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

“The issue highlights the very real impact of the Liberal Government’s cuts to the TFS.

“The Government must act immediately to resolve the issue to allow tourism and construction projects to go ahead this summer.

“It’s another example of the Government’s cuts and mismanagement of the public service having a real impact on Tasmania’s economy.”
Madeleine Ogilvie MP Shadow Minister for Local Government & Public Planning

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  1. Claire Gilmour

    December 20, 2016 at 12:46 am

    Too many years of Labor (in legislative agreement with the Liberals) being in and controlling the Forestry realm has caused this.

    Where were you Madeline Ogilvie when Labor was destroying the integrity of many a natural forest and water catchment which helped slow down fires?

    Oh that’s right on the side of Gunns and a criminal … ha what a hypocrite you are.

    Problem with most of you politicians is you like to butter your bread on both sides … then wonder why you get burnt … let alone help burn the state out!

    As I’ve told you before stick to something you know … perhaps cream!!!

  2. Simon Warriner

    December 19, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    One hopes the shortage of staff is due to a few departures of individuals who have in the past displayed a predilection to leave little fires until they were “big enough to fight properly”.

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