 Senior Ministers at loggerheads over export subsidy
 Rene Hidding says Majestic Timbers wouldn’t be eligible for TFES
 Guy Barnett said anyone suggesting they shouldn’t be eligible should be condemned

Senior Government Ministers have blatantly contradicted each other over whether logs exported from Hobart’s wharf will attract a freight subsidy.

“Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said he did not believe Majestic Timbers would be eligible to be part of the Tasmania Freight Equalisation Scheme when it ships logs in containers to Asia,” Mr Green said.

“I can’t imagine how they would.” (Rene Hidding, TasPorts scrutiny hearing, 9/12/2016)

“…it goes straight to China, doesn’t go anywhere near Melbourne.” (Rene Hidding, TasPorts scrutiny hearing, 9/12/2016)

The Minister suggested Majestic Timbers would receive “zero” through the TFES.

“Two hours later, sitting in the same chair, Forestry Minister Guy Barnett said any MP who suggests Majestic Timbers should not be eligible for the subsidy should be “condemned,” Mr Green said.

“This is a very embarrassing split within Cabinet.

“Did the Government sign off on a business case for Majestic Timbers that included receiving the TFES subsidy?

“If it did, Rene Hidding has thrown his fellow cabinet members under a bus by suggesting the company won’t receive it.”