 Economic Regulator stats show where Matthew Groom went wrong
 Power station was not run during the drought

Energy stats released today by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator have highlight Matthew Groom’s reckless policy decisions.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said the Minister’s mismanagement of the Tamar Valley Power Station has been laid bare.

“The graph in today’s release from the Economic Regulator says it all,” Mr Green said.

“The Liberal Government’s failure to run the Tamar Valley Power Station during dry conditions in the 2014/15 year cost Tasmania dearly.

“Matthew Groom completely neglected energy security by not running the power station to conserve water.

“The power station was used to generate just 18 GWh of electricity in 2014/15 compared to 893 in the previous year.

“Well after the crisis struck, the power station was again fired up and generated significantly more energy than Matthew Groom’s diesel did.

“Matthew Groom shut down the power station to sell it and plunged Tasmania into an energy crisis.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader