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Done below the line to end poverty

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will step away from the season of excess and Dine Below the Line to raise funds and awareness for the Oaktree movement to end poverty.

Mr Wilkie and Oaktree volunteers will sit down to a $2-a-head lunch to highlight the work of young people in eradicating poverty. The Dine Below the Line campaign has raised almost $20,000 to fund education programs across the Asia Pacific and Oaktree’s youth development and advocacy work in Australia.

Mr Wilkie said it was important to pause in the lead up to Christmas and remember the millions living below the poverty line of $2 a day.

“It’s easy to get lost in the messages of consume, consume, consume and forget that many in the world struggle to provide food and clean water for their families,” Mr Wilkie said. “Events like Oaktree’s Dine Below the Line are a good reminder of what life is like for the world’s poor.”

To find out how to host your friends for dinner, serve a budget feast and raise funds for a great cause go to dinebelowtheline.com.au .
Andrew Wilkie, Independent MP for Denison

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