On the morning of Wednesday 7th December 2016, the old Parks and Recreation Council building at Lamont Street in Invermay was burnt to the ground. Tamar NRM had taken on the lease of this building three weeks prior to the fire, with a vision of turning the space into a vibrant community and sustainability hub while using it as a base to continue on with their Natural Resource Management projects within the Tamar region.

A spokesperson for Tamar NRM, the new lessees of the building, Gill Basnett said “We are thankful that no one was injured in the incident. Fortunately we lost very little in the fire as we hadn’t moved in and had only just started to organize the necessary renovations to the building.” “However, we are very disappointed at the lost opportunities, as we had some great plans for the building including developing a community hub for likeminded organisations to share resources.”

The organisation had planned to use sustainability principles at the site by making the space a showcase on how to retrofit an old building to reduce energy use and save on power bills. “The building would have been ideal to demonstrate the principles such as the benefits of renewable energy sources, how to create a vegetable garden in a small space as well as offering affordable meeting and workshop space for us, community organisations and community members.” Gill said.

President of Tamar NRM, Roger Tyshing, said “Since the fire last week, we are very thankful for the offers of help and support that have poured in from the community, our supporters and our colleagues. The ongoing support of our three partnering councils, City of Launceston, West Tamar and George Town, means we are having our needs for office space met as we continue to be housed within the City of Launceston. This support allows us to maintain business as usual.” “It is this encouragement that motivates us to look for a new place that will allow us the space to carry out all the exciting projects and programs we have planned.”
Gill Basnett, Program Coordinator, Tamar NRM