 Mona puts bold plan on the table for Macquarie Point
 New direction is a reminder of Matthew Groom’s bungling
 Liberals have allowed a crucial development to stall

Mona’s bold vision for Macquarie Point is a bittersweet reminder of Matthew Groom’s failure to progress the redevelopment.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said Labor has been briefed on the MONA proposal.

“The Mona plan is bold and culturally significant,” Mr Bacon said.

“Mona’s creative leaders have a proven track record when it comes to delivering projects and events for Tasmania.
“Mona’s creativity doesn’t excuse Matthew Groom’s complete failure to progress the project over the last three years.

“What they’ve put on the table may well save the redevelopment but nothing will save Matthew Groom.

“The Minister has seen one of the state’s best development opportunities in history grind to a halt.

“It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Minister wholeheartedly endorsed the previous masterplan and EOI process.

“Matthew Groom has wasted millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer money – not to the mention the time and money of proponents who have been strung along over the past three years.

“The failure to act on moving the sewerage works is an obvious example of Matthew Groom’s incompetence.

“The vague reassurances that the Government will finally take responsibility ring hollow.

“Exactly how much is the Government willing to put towards shifting the sewerage works?

“Labor is committed to fully realising the potential of the Macquarie Point site and we look forward to continued engagement with Mona and the Macquarie Point Development Corporation as the plan progresses.

“However, we have grave concerns that the project will he held back for as long as Matthew Groom remains Minister.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer