During the past few weeks, ABC’s 7.30 program has conducted extensive filming in Australia, the UK, and on Norfolk Island as part of an investigation into the abolition of Norfolk Island’s parliament, laws, and local administration in the middle of this year. The result of that investigation will air tonight.

The ABC has just published an online story, previewing some of the key elements of their report. It highlights the deep divisions that have been caused within the community through the actions of the Australian Government and in particular the Australian Administrator (and former Liberal Minister) Gary Hardgrave. The story also examines serious allegations of waste and misuse of public money, including revelations tens of thousands of dollars was spent on contracts without quotes — in some cases where administration officials had links to or interests in consulting companies.

It also covers the international interest in the situation, in particular in the United Nations and the United Kingdom, with interviews with UK MPs and leading human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson.

The preview story is available here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-07/norfolk-mutiny-brewing-against-islands-australian-administrator/8096096

I will share the full story once it airs tonight.
Tim Vollmer