Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh is poised to pull off an unprecedented victory, claiming a seat ahead of fifth placed John Short, who was listed above her on the party’s Senate ticket.

The Senate count in Tasmania is still underway, but analysts are now confident Labor will win five seats.

Senators Anne Urquhart, Helen Polley and Carol Brown have been returned.

The most likely combination for the final two places is for incumbent senator Catryna Bilyk to finish fourth, and Senator Singh fifth — even though Senator Singh was sixth on Labor’s list in Tasmania.

(Polling analyst) Dr (Kevin) Bonham said the most likely scenario was for the Liberals to win four seats in Tasmania, the Greens two, and the Jacqui Lambie Network one.

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• Chris in Comments: Wed 20th July 4.30pm. Lisa Singh 12,542. Seems to be the highest vote cast in the Senate in Tasmania. Congratulations, Labor ignore her honesty and popularity at your peril, next time there is no doubt that she deserves top spot on her ability to get the 5th seat for the Labor Party. Six year term for her too – Senate, take note, we are watching. As we know ABBA (Any Body But Abetz) had great influence along with the hatred and dislike that everyone had for this manipulator of the Liberal Party in Tasmania BOTH state and federal, where he is well past his prime and influence …

Matt Denholm, The Australian: Tasmanians defy major parties’ tickets in Senate vote Tasmanians have delivered a significant slapdown to the Labor and Liberal party machines, voting in large numbers to circumvent party Senate tickets and potentially deliver upset results. Labor senator Lisa Singh is on track to retain her seat, despite being dumped by her party to the usually unwinnable No 6 spot on the ALP ticket, after receiving at least 12,542 below-the-line votes. … On the Liberal side, former federal tourism minister Richard Colbeck — demoted to No 5 on the Liberal ticket after an alleged preselection clash with powerbroker Eric Abetz — received at least 8105 below-the-line votes …