Malcolm Turnbull’s policy on school funding does not meet the needs of Tasmanian students and will entrench generational poverty and disadvantage, the AEU Tasmanian Branch said today.

“It’s a piecemeal, pre-election, political patch-up job designed to get Malcolm Turnbull a headline – not meet the educational needs of our students,” said Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmanian Branch President.

“Mr Turnbull is offering funding crumbs when parents, teachers and the Tasmanian Education Minister all agree our schools need the full implementation of Gonski,” said Ms Richardson.

“School funding must meet 100% of the learning needs of our kids and anything less denies them the opportunity to reach their learning potential.”

“Our kids deserve the very best start in life – not a false start because Malcolm Turnbull’s priority is to get himself elected without honouring Gonski.”

“The education and welfare of our children must be above politics and that’s why we’ve sought bi-partisan support for Gonski school funding reform.”

“Malcolm Turnbull is playing politics with our kids’ future and it is profoundly disappointing, especially given parents and teachers know what works – Gonski.”

“Gonski provides for more teachers, smaller classes, more individual attention and tailored support with reading, writing and maths – all of which will be denied to our kids under Malcolm Turnbull’s policy.”

“Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff says disadvantage will be entrenched for generations of Tasmanians unless Gonski is delivered in full and Malcolm Turnbull’s political stunt has done nothing to change that.”

“Tasmania has the highest need of any state or territory and too many of our kids are being denied the opportunity to achieve their learning potential because schools are not equipped to meet their individual educational needs.

“Tasmanian teachers, support staff and principals are dedicated professionals completely committed to the meeting the learning needs of their students but they can’t keep doing more with less.”
Harriet Binet AEU Tasmanian Branch