TasWater has been given the go ahead by the Department of Health and Human Services to end the need for people in Strahan to boil water before drinking.
Rigorous laboratory analysis of the water supply has demonstrated the water to be all clear of E.coli.
The Department of Health and Human Services imposed the Boil Water Alert on Thursday, 25 February but now after three sets of clear test results, the Director of Public Health has lifted the boil water alert at Strahan
Late last week routine testing in Strahan identified E.coli in the drinking water system, which prompted DHHS to issue a boil water alert for the town. TasWater identified that inadequate chlorine levels in the network led to the elevated bacteria count.
Over the weekend TasWater made system and network changes, optimising disinfection to maintain safe drinking water which includes higher chorine levels. Some customers may notice a change in the taste of their drinking water.
In addition to the optimised disinfection, extensive flushing of the water mains throughout the town was carried out to pull good water through the system and this has returned test results to indicate the water is again safe to drink.
TasWater customers in Strahan along with visitors to the area are being informed through a variety of channels today including mainstream and social media, alerting water users of today’s lifting of the Boil Water Alert and the need no longer to boil their drinking water.
TasWater CEO Michael Brewster thanks Strahan residents and visitors to the town for their patience.
“Importantly I want to acknowledge the efforts of Strahan businesses involved in the tourism industry which have so willingly embraced the restrictions on the supply of drinking water and ensuring their guests have been well informed of the situation.”

“Their efforts are testament to the good will in which locals and visitors alike have accepted the need to boil their water and willingly joined in collecting fresh water from the tanker which has been available throughout the boil water alert period.”
TasWater will continue to provide increased monitoring and testing to demonstrate water quality meets the drinking water guidelines.
TasWater CEO Michael Brewster says he is very happy the DHHS has now given the all clear.
“I also want to thank the West Coast Council for its assistance over the last few days and especially our west coast operations and maintenance crews who have worked throughout this challenging time.
Residents and businesses will receive written notice over the coming days informing them of the Boil Water Alert being lifted.
Information can also be found on the TasWater website www.tawater.com.au
Simon Pilkington TasWater