Independent Schools Tasmania (IST) have signed a strategic partnership with the Association of Independent Schools New South Wales (AISNSW) which promises to provide Tasmanian teachers with the best training and professional development in the country.

The partnership will allow IST to access AISNSW’s industry leading programs to improve teacher quality in Tasmania, bringing them in line with the best trained teachers in the country.

IST Executive Director Tony Crehan said the partnership will increase IST’s ongoing capacity to deliver high level online and face to face professional development for Tasmanian independent school teachers and principals.

“This is about improving the quality of teaching and education for Tasmanian school students,” said Mr Crehan.

“Ultimately, better training for our teachers means they are able to better educate their students.

“We are very excited to have partnered with AISNSW and look forward to working together and sharing resources.”

Both Catholic and Government school staff will benefit from the partnership with all teachers invited to participate in IST’s local professional development sessions.

AISNSW Executive Director Dr Geoff Newcombe said the partnership would bring benefits to both organisations and was a natural extension of the collaboration that already existed between the two.

“AISNSW and IST have worked together at a national level for many years on the independent schooling issues that we have in common,” said Dr Newcombe.

“This alliance is an opportunity for both organisations to learn from each other and share the expertise that each has.

“Ultimately, this partnership is about improving the education outcomes for all students, wherever they attend school.

“Sharing our professional learning programs with our colleagues in Tasmanian schools is a practical way of achieving this common goal.”

IST and AISNSW have agreed to form a strategic alliance to share resources in areas including leadership training, students with special needs, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, languages, ICT and vocational education and training.

Mr Crehan said all professional development is linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Australian Professional Standards for Principals, and the Strategic Alliance is consistent with IST’s core values of commitment to local, national and global collaboration in education and providing quality service to members.
IST Executive Director Tony Crehan