‘A New Mental Health System – What Now?’ Seminar

The Mental Health Council of Tasmania [MHCT] is hosting a seminar to bring together mental health service providers and government agencies to discuss the challenges and opportunities around mental health system reform.

Representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services, Primary Health Tasmania and the National Disability Insurance Agency will work together with the community mental health sector to examine how everyone can work together to develop an integrated system that will benefit all people who access mental health services.
MHCT CEO, Connie Digolis, is optimistic that such an event will not only alleviate concerns around
reform but potentially allow for organisations to develop strategies on how to collaborate and build
their capacity moving forward.

“We are looking at a significant time of change and to the way people access services and how the
services are funded right across every part of the mental health sector. MHCT members across
Tasmania are conscious of the need to adapt their service to suit the new model of care. We need
everyone to work collaboratively to ensure that we are all focused on providing the highest standard
of care at every stage. Services will need to be prepared for the full roll out of the NDIS, the
commissioning model from Primary health networks and the direct impact of the Rethink Mental
Health 10 year plan”, said Ms Digolis.

Mental Health advocate, Lucy Lester, will be at the seminar to observe and give her perspective as
an individual member of MHCT.

“I don’t think most people have a clear understanding yet of the impacts of changes such as the NDIS
or the Rethink 10 Year plan will have on Tasmanians. People will eventually get more choice around
which services they access for their mental health needs. We all want what’s referred to as ‘person
centred care’ – but what does that actually look like for any consumer of mental health services? We
need to figure that out. We also want to make sure there is a ‘no wrong door’ policy so people no
longer have any issue when navigating the system,” said Ms Lester.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday 9 March (tomorrow) at the Grand Chancellor from 10am –
Catherine Delpero Communications Officer|Mental Health Council of Tasmania