Bryan Green MP
Labor Leader 7 March 2016

 Dam levels fall to 15.5%
 Significant delays to crucial power station unit
 Major industrials shedding more power

Matthew Groom’s assurance that dam levels in Tasmania will bottom out at 13.6% is under serious doubt after another significant fall over the last week.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said water levels had already reached an unprecedented low.

“We are at 15.5% and falling rapidly,” Mr Green said.

“We are now deep into unchartered territory.

“Energy Minister Matthew Groom is promising we won’t dip lower than 13.6% while the Premier is blindly believing there’s no need to panic unless we reach 6.5%.

“The Government is all over the place.

“It’s obvious that they’re flying by the seat of their pants.

“And now we learn a crucial part of the Tamar Valley Power Station is still stuck in the Middle East.

“The delay will cost taxpayers significantly and is another blunder owned by Matthew Groom.

“Matthew Groom’s negligent decision to decommission the Tamar Valley Power Station haunts him every time new dam levels are revealed.

“Now our major industrials are being forced to power down to offset the Minister’s mistakes.

“Matthew Groom returns to Parliament tomorrow with a raft of questions to answer over his role in this crisis.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader