Today Meander Valley Council has agreed to consider voluntary amalgamation options when undertaking its regional resource sharing benchmarking project.

The move comes following a request from the Minister for Local Government imploring Northern Region councils to be more fully informed about shared services AND amalgamation options.

Cr Connor who moved the motion said “earlier last year council had agreed to discuss Amalgamation options with neighbouring councils but then backed off in favour of shared services, this puts amalgamations back on the table for modelling and discussion”.

There are 4 councils in the Greater Launceston area with 39 elected members, 4 general managers and over 20 other senior staff for an area with a population of around 100,000 residents.

Cr Connor continued “amalgamation options must be modelled and discussed to achieve a better understanding of the financial efficiencies and regulatory consistencies that can be achieved through logical council mergers. Council approves Rural Living Zones

Meander Valley Council has also approved Rural Living Zones which make building on smaller blocks in areas around existing townships more feasible.

The change allows for subdivision of blocks to as little as 10 hectares around townships such as Chudleigh, Elizabeth Town & Mole Creek and as little as 2 hectares around Carrick.

Cr Connor who supported the motion said “these rural living zones make residing around our townships more attractive for a changing society. Smaller blocks provide a more manageable amount of property to maintain where residents can live within easy commuting reach of the greater Launceston or Devonport areas.”

He concluded “The availability of NBN Fixed Wireless broadband across much of the Meander Valley municipality also makes living around our rural townships more convenient in a modern society”.
Andrew Connor – Meander Valley Councillor,