The Government welcomes forecasts that power prices in Tasmania will remain flat and below the rate of inflation over the next three years.
Since the election last year, power prices have reduced by over five per cent.

The Australian Energy Market Commission Residential Electricity Price Trends report, released today, shows that while power prices are expected to increase slightly, any increase will be below the level of inflation.

The Tasmanian Government will continue to do everything possible to keep power prices in Tasmania as low as possible. We have a good track record on that, given the price drop that we have seen since the election.

We will also continue to make sure that vulnerable Tasmanians continue to get the help they need. Aurora, in partnership with the Government, has implemented the energy affordability program Your Energy Support (YES) to assist vulnerable households.

Through initiatives like the YES program, disconnections have dropped by a third, the value of bad debt write offs has also reduced by a third and the number of complaints has reduce dramatically.

In 2014-15, the YES program has helped more than 1,600 Tasmanians to make ends meet and keep the power on. But there is more that we can do.

That’s why over the next two years, Aurora and the Government will reinvest $2 million to extend the YES program to even more Tasmanians.

The YES program is in addition to the Government’s concession arrangements, which are among the most generous in the country.

In 2015-16, $37.2 million has been set aside for electricity concessions.
Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy